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Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Bernd Enders




Research areas

University of Osnabrueck



1. Multimedia and musical computer science 
  • The music-specific programming language CAMI-Talk (for Atari ST, Windows 3.11 + ´95) 
  • Music-specific functions for CAMI-Talk (and for Toolbook) (in collaboration with  Tillman Weyde, René Fauck, Martin Gieseking 
  • Development of programs for learning music 

  • - Computerkolleg Musik (Ear Training Courses 1-8; Courses 1-4 published by Schott International in Mainz 1990, 1993; a Windows version of Courses 1-6, will be published by Schott in 1998) 
    in collaboration with Kai Schwirzke, Tillman Weyde 
    - Computerkolleg Musik (basic music theory, forthcoming, to be published by Schott) 
    in collaboration with Tillman Weyde, Martin Gieseking and Prof. Dr. Sabine Giesbrecht
  • Multimedia CD-ROM Encyclopedia of Mechanical Musical Instruments (in collaboration with Dr. Christoph Reuter, Cologne) 
  • CD-ROM InterAktives Osnabrück (for the City of Osnabrueck, in collaboration with  R. Fauck, K. Schwirzke, completed 7/95), data currently accessible through Osnabrück im Internet
  • Interaktive CD-ROM Chinese Musical Instruments (in collaboration with Dr. Baoqiang Han, Beijing, P.R.China) 
  • CD-ROM Encyclopedia of Musical Electronics (forthcoming, to be published by  Schott International) 
  • Rule-based generation of musical structures (in the AI-programming language Prolog), in collaboration with Dr. Helmar Gust (Institut für Semantische Informationsverarbeitung) 
  • CD-ROM "Hearing harmonic functions" (in collaboration with Bernard Schwenter, Fribourg/Switzerland, René Fauck)
  • Web page design for the Deutscher Musikrat, Bonn; collaboration in the development of a comprehensive musical information system, along with Christine Flender, M.A., Cologne, and with Margot Wallscheid, Deutscher Musikrat, Bonn
  • CD-ROM Composer Portrait of Oskar Sala, in collaboration with  Christian Spevak and supported by the Erdenklang label
  • DFG-Projekt (2001-2002): MUSITECH - Music- and Sound-Objects in Information Technology (Multimedia Publishing, Archiving, and Teleteaching)  (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. B. Müßgens, Prof. Dr. O.Vornberger, Dr. E. Cordes)
2. Supervision of doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations
  • The Computer For Musicologists (Dr. Peer Sitter, completed, published Osnabrueck 2000) 
  • Compter-Aided Comparative Rhythm Analysis (Tillman Weyde) 
  • Development of an Intelligent Tutorial System (ITS) for teaching counterpoint (Robert Dißelmeyer, Diss.) 
  • Conception and implementation of code-based generation of interactive score graphics for music-specific multimedia applications (Dr. Martin Gieseking), successful finished
  • Perception of Rhythmic Structures (Iris Hüne) 
  • Stochastic Music (Hae-Jeong Yoon), finished
  • New Technologies (Multimedia) in Music Training in Schools and in Higher Education (Jochen Roth
  • Analysis and perspectives of interpretation of J.S. Bach's ´Art of the Fugue´, with the help of object-oriented information technology (Dr. Joachim Stange-Elbe, post-doctoral dissertation, in collaboration with the Technische Universität Zuerich Multimedia Lab, research scholarship provided by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft), finished
  • Consistent, logically structured patterns for analyzing musical production from the 18th to the 20th century - incorporating computer-based methods of analysis (Dr. Laura Manolache, Bucharest, post-doctoral dissertation.) 
3. Memoranda 
  • Numerous memoranda concerning conference projects, proposed post-graduate study programs, post-doctoral dissertation scholarships etc., for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) 
  • Memoranda for various foundations, concerning scholarship applications for theses (Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung, Friedrich-Nauman-Stiftung, Volkswagen-Stiftung)
  • Memoranda for doctorates, 'Habilitationen' and professorial appointments
  • Memoranda and planning proposals for equipment and facilities at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (Center for Arts and Media, ZKM) in Karlsruhe 
4. Further activities and projects
  • KlangArt biennial (artistic consultant) and the congresses "Neue Musiktechnologie" (coordination and direction), both taking place together every two years since 1991
  • Conception of the Music And Computer Department (Computerklänge) in the Heinz Nixdorf Computermuseum, Paderborn
  • In the Winter Semester '96/97, a virtual music seminar was carried out as one of the  "normal" courses offered by the Musicology department 
  • Establishment of a musicological Web Publishing entity on the Internet, sponsored by Osnabrueck University and in collaboration with the Rasch university publishing company (Universitätsverlagrasch
5. Memberships
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik (DegeM) 
  • Int. Arbeitskreis Systematische u. Vergleichende Musikwissenschaft 
  • Arbeitskreis Musikpädagogische Forschung (AMPF) 
  • Arbeitskreis Musikelektronik (AME)
  • Osnabrücker Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (OWiG) 
  • Forum Musik & Elektronik (FME), (the association which organizes the KlangArt Festival)
  • Member of the Arbeitsgruppe für Wissenschaftliche Information (Scientific Information Work Group) at Osnabruek University 
  • Founding member and Executive Chairman of the Forschungsstelle Musik- und Medientechnologie (FMT, Research Department of Music & Media Technology) at Osnabrueck University Faculty 3
  • Member of the National Expert Committee on Music and Media, established by the Deutscher Musikrat 
  • Member of  Forum Info 2000 Work Group No. 8, Kunst und Kultur in der Informationsgesellschaft (Art and Culture in Information Society).