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Enders, Bernd,

married to Hendrikje Enders, two daughters, Saskia Maria and Leonie Henrika; majored at the Siegerland college of the Pädagogische Hochschule Westfalen-Lippe and at the Musikhochschule in Cologne in several subjects. Obtained PhD in musicology, philosophy and pedagogy at Cologne University in 1980. Worked in school administration as Studienrat. Engagement as lecturer (ARat, AOR, PD, Apl. Prof.) at Osnabrueck University in the Department of Music and Musicology since 1981. Post-doctoral habilitation obtained in 1986. Professorship at the Department of Musicology at Cologne University from 1992 to 1994, specializing in 20th-century music; chair in Systematic Musicology at Osnabrueck University with focus on music electronics and musical computer science since 1994.

Numerous publications (e.g.Lexikon Musikelektronik, Mainz 1985, 1987, Leipzig 1988, Mainz 1997; Computerkolleg Musik - Gehörbildung , Mathematische Musik - musikalische Mathematik, Saarbrücken 2005), national and international lectures as well as radio and TV features addressing the pedagogical and scientific implications of new technologies in music. Director of the CAMI project, including the development and publication of the educational software system Computerkolleg Musik scientific advisor to the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture and Education project “New Technologies and Education,” initiator and program director of the Osnabrueck bienniale KlangArt and coordinator of the KlangArt congresses "New technologies in music" from 1991-2001, including the publication of the KlangArt congress papers. Initiator and executive director of the "Dept. of Music and media technologies" since 1997. Member of the federal committee “Music and New Media,” an institution of the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat), since 1997. Dean of the School for Educational and Cultural Studies at Osnabrueck University from 1999-2001. Member of several committees and boards, expert for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the VW foundation, for science and research ministries and other institutions, moreover member of promotion and habilitation panels. Founder and publisher of epOs-Music (Electronic Publishing Osnabrueck). 2012-2014 Director of the Institute of Musicology and Music Pedagogy at Osnabrueck University. Since 2015 in retirement.

The commemorative publication was published on retirement::
Bense, Arne, / Gieseking, Martin / Müßgens, Bernhard (Hrsg.), Musik im Spektrum technologischer Entwicklungen und Neuer Medien. Festschrift für Bernd Enders, epOs-Music, Osnabrück, 2015

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